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  • (Upto 12 yrs)
Tour# 1 - Dolphin Bay, Crawl Cay, and Isla Zapatillas
tour1Your adventure begins observing Dolphin families in the calm waters of Dolphin Bay, a beautiful serene bay with majestic mountain views. Experience the dolphins jumping and playing around your boat.

Crawl Cay is your next destination, a restaurant and bar sitting over a pristine tropical reef, teaming with fish.

A great place to snorkel and enjoy a tasty Caribbean lunch and drinks.

From there, weather permitting, we head to Zapatillas Islands, an incredibly beautiful National Park. These islands are incredibly pristine with white sand beaches, tropical forests, crystal clear water and coral reefs nearby. An experience you won’t forget.



Tour# 2 - Dolphin Bay, Crawl Cay, and Red Frog Beach
tour3Your adventure begins observing Dolphin families in the calm waters of Dolphin Bay, a beautiful serene bay with majestic mountain views.
Experience the dolphins jumping and playing around your boat.
Crawl Cay is your next destination, a restaurant and bar sitting over a pristine tropical reef, teaming with fish. A great place to snorkel and enjoy a tasty Caribbean lunch and drinks.
Then onto Red Frog Beach, some say the very best of the white sand beaches here in the Bocas Archipelago. This is an excellent swimming beach. Visit the beach front restaurant and bar. Rent a lounge chair. A full day.
Tour# 3 - Starfish Beach, Bird Island, and Bocas del Drago
tour2You will begin your day by water taxi traveling the inward side of Colon Island to Bird Island.
Bird Island or Swans Cay is a rocky formation 70 meters long rising up to 55 meters.
It is an alluring spot with many species of tropical birds nesting here. It is the only known nesting place in the Caribbean of the Red-billed Tropic Bird.
From Bird Island we head to Starfish Beach, beautiful white sand, calm shallow blue water. Starfish can be seen from the beach.
From there a short boat ride to Bocas del Drago, the tip of Isla Colon.
White sand beaches and the famous Yasanori restaurant. Enjoy the ” Pargo Entero”, whole fried red snapper. Have a great lunch or explore.
Then the water taxi back to Bocas town through calm waters.
You can also take a land taxi to Bocas del Drago and Starfish Beach.
It is about a 30 minute drive through the lush jungle of Isla Colon.
Red Frog Jungle Zipline and Red Frog Beach

zipliningYou will ascend to the top of an island’s tropical rain forest. This tour is for both nature lovers and those looking for the thrill of soaring through the air at up 40 miles per hour. Pass by trees that have been growing here for centuries; birds, monkeys may curiously watch and welcome you to their treetop homes.
7 zip lines, Tree top challenge(optional), 150 foot high sky bridge, Vertical rappel, Up to a 1000 foot long zip, Well trained, safety conscious zip line team
2 hour adventure
Red Frog Beach, some say the very best of the white sand beaches here in the Bocas Archipelago. This is an excellent swimming beach. Visit the beachfront restaurant and bar. Rent a lounge chair.


Fishing in BocasThe Owners of the Hotel, Bob, Randy, and Jim are avid Fisherman.
If you would like to fish, please contact us and we will hook you up with the right Captain.

Panama means “Abundance of Fish”. There is great Sport fishing in the Bocas archipelago depending on your preference. The “best” 3 options are briefly described below.

#1: Offshore fishing, trolling for Black fin or Yellowfin Tuna, Wahoo, King Mackerel, Dorado and more. Depending on sea conditions all these species are here throughout the year. Calmer sea and wind conditions are in the Spring and Fall.

#2: Outstanding fishing for Tarpon (Big Tarpon) is available year round, however April, May, October, November seems to be when more migratory Tarpon are present. There are plenty of resident Tarpon in the Bocas area year round The most productive areas are at the mouth of the Changuinola river( a 50 minute boat ride ) and the mouth of the Sixoalo river ( 20-25 minutes more ). One can troll for them, fly fish, or use live bait. If using live bait, remember to bring sabikis (the smallest ones) to catch live bait. (Not available in Bocas)
Bait can be caught on the way to the river mouths alongside the buoys across from Drago point.

#3: Fishing for Snook in the jungle rivers of Chirqui Grande Bay. About a 45 minute boat ride (all through calm waters), these small rivers are not only beautiful but can be very productive for big Snook and the occasional Red Snapper. Seems the best time of year for these fish is November–thru February. When water color is right and during the months mentioned this fishing can be incredible.


Sailing in Bocas del ToroThink Green, Sail Blue

First, we Sail to Dolphin Bay and Watch the Dolphins Play

Second, we Stop and Snorkel at a very colorful Coral Reef full of Sea Sponges, Sea Anemones, and a variety of Starfish.

Mid-Day, we eat Lunch: A fresh Sub Sandwich, Drinks are $1

Third, we sail up toward Isla Solarte and Snorkel at a Spectacular Reef full of Fish and large Coral Heads. Fish during the day, Fresh Fruit is served during the Sail home!


surfingEscuela del Mar Surf School
We provide surf services, lessons, rentals repairs, transportation and guiding.
We also rent go pro cameras, skateboards, SUP, kayaks and more.
We sell accessories. (leashes, wax, sunblock etc.)

Hang out with monkeys

monkeyWelcome to the place where it is just you and the monkeys. Have a close encounter between you and the tree kinds of monkeys, all living together and for that day, with you. Isla Urraca, open each day from 11:00 to 3:00


Horseback Riding

horsebackThis top rated tour will take you horseback riding on the beautiful island of San Cristobal, where you will ride through the jungle up to stunning vistas. The full day tour includes lunch in the nearby Nogbe village and a visit to their artisan center.

The owner/operator, Dave, has extensive equine knowledge and experience. Dave can organize a fun ride for everyone from first timers to experts.


yogaclassBocas Yoga with Certificate of Excellence from Trip Advisor, Hatha Yoga – Appropriate for beginners and ongoing intermediate students. Each class is an artistic, celebratory, and empowering practice. Students of all levels are invited to join us in this outstanding, uplifting, and expansive experience at every level of being. An ongoing exploration into the asanas, principles, and uplifting philosophy of Yoga. Using principles of alignment to optimize energy flow in the body & mind. A spiritual practice using breath and movement to open our hearts and realize our true selves & innate goodness. Provides a highly attentive and supportive environment. Taught by Certified Teacher & Bocas Yoga Founder, Laura Kay.
Drop-in classes occur daily and schedule can be found at Bocas Yoga or schedule your very own Private Class, where your lessons are adapted to suit your individuality, and you have the instructor’s full, undivided attention and support. Couples welcome.

To schedule a private class and/or massage exclusively with Laura Kay please email Thank you.

Danuta’s Holistic Therapy

Yoga by DanaOver the Sea Holistic Therapy
Zen- Shiatsu, Light Healing, Reiki, Sui Generis, Thai Foot Massage, Geocromotherapy, Ashiatsu Massage, Oriental Bar Therapy
Our bodies and each system within should be treated as a whole, not as collections of its parts. Holistic health addresses the mind, body, and spirit. It searches for underlying cause of symptoms, rather than simply covering them up with medications.

Habla Ya (Learn Spanish in Bocas

spanishHabla Ya is Panama’s premier network of Spanish schools with campuses in Boquete (Pacific mountains), Bocas del Toro (Caribbean beaches) and in Panama City. Habla Ya Spanish Schools are considered to be amongst the top ranked Spanish training institutions in Central and South America, and one of the leading providers of Spanish immersion programs in Latin America. Just in the last couple of years, Habla Ya has been rated by hundreds of students with a perfect 5 star score more times than any other group of Spanish schools in Latin America. At Habla Ya Panama Spanish Schools you will not only learn Spanish: you will LIVE a once in a lifetime experience taking back home unforgettable memories of one of the most incredible language travel vacations that you could have ever imagined!

Oreba Cacao (Chocolate) Tour

Oreba CacaoEver wonder where chocolate comes from? Come find out at the certified organic cacao farm of Oreba Chocolate. This adventurous guided hike is located in the jungle of Bocas del Toro will take you through the process of Cacao. Chocolate production by the indigenous Ngabe Indians who have been doing it for centuries. Because the farm is organic and shade grown, many times you will see poison dart frogs, sloths and even toucans.

The tour includes:
Transportation from boat dock in Almirante to farm, guided tour of farm and Indian village, Chocolate making demonstration, Native Chocolate to sample, a traditional Ngabe lunch, and 4 oz of Chocolate to take home!

Visit the Smithsonian

The Smithsonian, Bocas del ToroOn Colon Island, Bocas Del Toro, the Smithsonian Institute has established a site for education and research, providing scientists and students with access to an extraordinary diversity of marine and terrestrial data. This station is situated among areas of undisturbed forest, a remarkable lagoon system, and numerous islands and reefs.
Bocas del Toro also offers an ideal setting for conducting paleo ecological studies to answer important questions concerning the formation and history of the Isthmus of Panama.
A short 10 minute taxi ride from Bocas town will take you to the Smithsonian for a free guided tour on Fridays from 3:00 to 5:00.

Finca Los Monos, A Botanical Garden

Finca Los MonosFinca Los Monos is a privately funded botanical garden on Isla Colon in Bocas del Toro. A short 10 minute taxi ride from Bocas town, it is a wonderful place to spend a morning or afternoon on a guided tour observing and learning about local wildlife and flora.
The farm is truly a remarkable 25 acre tropical garden with hundreds of species of palms, ornamentals, fruit trees and forest. It is also possible to view wildlife including birds, Howler monkeys, sloths and reptiles.
Guided garden tours are available on Mondays at 1:00 pm and Fridays at 8:30am.
Other tours are available, including a half day retreat and a bird watching tour with a bird guide.







Scuba Diving

scubaBocas Dive Center is the most established, reputable and referred dive center in Bocas. Founded and managed by Eddie Ibarra a PADI Course Director who after traveling throughout Central America, the Caribbean and Asia, wanted to offer diving in a professional, safe and enjoyable manner to travelers visiting Bocas del Toro.
We’re proud to say we’re the most popular and successful PADI 5 Star IDC Center in Bocas del Toro, Panama. Not only do we train divers from beginner to Instructor, but also we have Instructor level continuing education courses (Specialty Instructor, Master Scuba Diver Trainer, IDC Staff Instructor) and internships that add real value to your training with us. At Bocas Dive Center, our complete team of staff, from the management to our receptionist, and Instructors, Dive masters, Boat Captains, and support staff are committed and dedicated to providing our divers and students with the highest quality scuba diving experiences with an emphasis on education, conservation, professionalism, and fun that’s partly why they love their jobs, in addition to diving with you!