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Surfing in Bocas del Toro

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The Best Kept Secret in Beautiful Bocas del Toro

Arguably the best kept secret in majestic Bocas del Toro, a hidden gem where lush tropical jungle meets breathtaking beaches and pristine waters, is the surfing.

Now that the secrets out, here are the details.

Over time, bountiful Bocas del Toro has evolved into somewhat of a paradise for traveller's sporting surfboards. Situated just off the panoramic Caribbean coast of Panama, this lot of nine plus fabulous islands, has been a hidden gem for travelers for a long time. With that said, it's fairly recent that surfing has become a focal point and you can envelop this experience on the three main islands; Isla Colon, Bastimentos and Carenero.

Although the surfs up all year round, December through March is considered prime time to 'catch the waves.' Surf specialists would consider the spring and summer to be a tad calmer.

Bocas town is the largest town on the islands and it's situated on Isla Colon. Here you will have access to the local airstrip, premium surfing, hotels, restaurants, bars, hostels and whatever else you'll need to enjoy your island adventures.

You'll feel like you've stepped into surfing heaven after riding these main breaks on Isla Colon:

The Curve-La Curba

Just below the quaint Bluff Beach Ego Lodge in Bluff, you'll discover The Curve. This isolated beach break goes both directions and it shows when higher than three feet.

Bluff Beach

Not always accessible during the rainy season and not the best surfing, you'll need to find a way out here by car, or better yet water taxi, as it's quite a distance outside Bocas town.


This island paradise has numerous surf spots but is very difficult to get to, as you need to navigate through a reef passage. The most popular break is the wizard because it's fast and powerful.

The Dump/Dumpers

Logically named this because of the garbage dump you'll have to navigate through if traveling on foot. If you hit a good day here, you will be handsomely rewarded with some sweet freight-train lefts, steep drops and huge barrels.


This island is pretty small but has some amazing surfing, you can even walk out to the breaks if you're adventurous.


This is the only surf spots where crowds may be a factor. Chill out and be patient because there's lots of great swells for everyone. If you like 100 yard lefts, this hidden haven is for you!


Often referred to as the biggest wave in the Caribbean, it doesn't show until at least 10 feet and it's ridable over twenty foot faces. Experienced surfers only!

So what do you say? Are you ready to ride?

Of course, we at the Palma Royal in Bocas del Toro are always waiting to welcome you to this paradise. Make your reservations now!


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