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Romantic vacations in Bocas del Toro

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Why Travel To Bocas del Toro?

'Why not?'

That should be the question! There are just no words that can describe the feeling you get when visiting in person.

Situated on the northwestern coast of Panama in and amongst the lagoon of Chiriqui, the atmosphere is simultaneously seductive, primitive, relaxing, alluring and adventurous!

Nestled at the edge of the pristine aqua sea amidst the lush, unspoiled vegetation, you can experience nature untouched. A truly unforgettable experience.

The medley of cultural diversity living in harmony with the indigenous, Western Caribe people is simple inspiring and their co-existence with nature is just as it should be.

To witness this first hand is something very few will ever have the privilege of doing.

Here you will be subject to the past, present and future of biodiversity. From the magnificent humid tropical forest, banana plantations and swamp forests, to the breathtaking coral reefs and seagrass meadows, this majestic ecosystem is truly unique.

Quite a few steps above Geography 101!

You will find colorful wooden houses, spectacular uncrowded beaches, fabulous local and International cuisine and excellent accommodation, such as ours, of course :-)

As well, you can play with the dolphins in Dolphin Bay, go scuba diving, surfing and swimming or enjoy the infamous riverboat jungle tour to visit the indigenous Ngobe Bugle India Village.

Numerous places are only accessible by boat, which makes them that much more exciting!

If you happen to surf, that's the only reason you need to visit this tropical island paradise. Still relatively undiscovered, Bocas del Toro has some of the most diversified breaks in the world! Although the majority are reef breaks, there are some beach breaks, most breaking left and all levels of surfing are accommodating. So just because you aren't a surfer, doesn't mean you can't try it! November through April has the most consistent surf patterns but most of the year you can still experience some great surfing.

Step out of your comfort zone and try something new and exciting, that's what life's all about.

If you are looking to get away from the stresses of everyday life, Bocas del Toro in the topical island dream, in which to loose yourself!

Of course, we at the Palma Royal in Bocas del Toro are always waiting to welcome you to this paradise. Make your reservations now!


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